Our Beginning

In 2004, Hope Church began its ministry on the Arizona State University campus. The original team held our first church service in August 2004. Our leadership team has now grown to 31 staff members and 100 student leaders. Each Sunday, we welcome hundreds of students, parents and community guests to our Sunday service. HOPE is an active member of the Grace Association and ASU's Council of Religious Advisors.

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Our Mission

According to a recent Harvard study, 7% of the world's population hold college degrees. Today's college students are the future leaders of America and these leaders hunger for influence, not just mere status quo. Research shows that 84% of students say that making a difference in the world is more important than professional recognition, and 61% of students are worried about the state of the world and feel personally responsible to make a difference.


While most students are passionate to lead, they're also reluctant. It can be a daunting task, wanting to make a difference, yet not knowing how. Students need a place to learn leadership skills. With this in mind, we reach college students with the Gospel so that they're equipped to change the world and fulfill their God-given destiny. Our community of leaders mentor students to help them reach their fullest potential. We host a weekly Sunday church service on campus year-round, as well as weekly Bible studies during the academic year and an annual spring break outreach trip. We also hold small groups for students, young professionals, and engaged and married couples.

We believe our church is called to fulfill the Great Commission on college campuses, starting at ASU. Over the past 13 years, the staff and student leadership team at HOPE has engaged over 88,400 students, held over 19,300 Bible studies on campus and has seen over 840 students pray to surrender their lives to Jesus.

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Impact Events

In addition to our church activities, HOPE has inspired the following impact events to empower students to lead in their giftings and develop their leadership skills:

Outlaw Comedy

In 2006, our Senior Pastor Brian Smith did something untraditional: he enrolled in comedy school. Through that experience, he had a vision to bring people together to connect through comedy. In 2007, Outlaw Comedy was founded to bring clean comedy to students for free. Outlaw Comedy produced its first shows in the residence halls. Soon after, the Dean of Students invited Outlaw to be a part of Welcome Week as a capstone event. Outlaw Comedy's featured show, ASU 1st Laugh, continues to be the biggest clean comedy show at Arizona State and has traveled to more than 10 other university campuses. Over 20,000 students have attended an Outlaw Comedy show since it first began.


Sun Devils Wear Prada

In 2010, Pastor Brian's wife Wendy had a vision to inspire ASU women to reveal self-worth through personal style. One year later, Sun Devils Wear Prada "walked the runway" for the first time ever. It has since become the biggest fashion event on campus and held its first show on the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus this year. An executive image consultant hosts the night and shares expert advice so that audience members can learn their personal brand as they watch ASU student models walk the runway. As a Certified Image Consultant, Wendy now coaches the team of Sun Devil Stylists from Club SDWP to help women learn their personal style and know that every woman belongs in beautiful.


Respect Movement

In 2013, we learned about one of the biggest problems facing college campuses nationwide: one in four women will experience attempted or completed sexual assault by the time they graduate college (Study by the Association of American Universities). As a result, we launched the Respect Movement, a values-based mentorship program that challenges students to build a culture of respect between men and women. Its student clubs Man Up and Wow Factor host the signature event Sun Devil Survivor, where students build authentic friendships within their dorms while participating in head-to-head competition in the wilderness for a weekend. Because of its excellence and impact, the Respect Movement is now expanding to other universities and local high schools. More than 3,800 students have signed the Pledge of Respect and club members have mentored 600 student athletes at Red Mountain High School. The Respect Movement hopes to see campus communities where men and women live with genuine respect and without sexual assault.

All of our events have either received or been nominated for the prestigious Pitchfork Award, given to recognize distinguished Sun Devils on campus.

Through our efforts, HOPE wants to impact students and the campus culture through world-class events that foster authentic friendships. All of the annual events that we first inspired have now developed into dynamic values-based student clubs that meet year-round to see positive change happen across the ASU campus.

The Future

We've always believed that if you change the campus, you can change the world. Now, more than ever, our nation needs young leaders who know how to follow Jesus, the greatest leader of all time. As students graduate, they will be able to influence others and fulfill their God-given destiny. Each student has been uniquely created with specific giftings and abilities - they only need to be developed. In the coming years, we hope to plant local churches on other college campuses across the nation to continue to reach more leaders in the next generation.


Please contact us at info@hope4asu.org with any questions.